I have a passion for website development, marketing, and security. My hobby has lead to exploits being fixed on hundreds of websites. I’ve helped secure domains including: dod.mil, wikileaks.org, mit.edu, harvard.edu, *.gov.uk, open.ac.uk, searchmetrics.com, majorleaguegaming.com, channel4store.co.uk, lawsociety.ie, 118118.com, and many more.

I have also helped fix services including; Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, WinZip, Incapsula Imperva, etc.

I should make this clear; the articles on this website are posted from the perspective of an assumed persona.

He knows more than you about infosec and won’t hesitate to inform of this. He’s pedantic, sardonic, and always right… At least when it comes to InfoSec. He eats trolls for elevenses. He hacked every newspapaer in England. Twice. He has influenced most of the tech you use in some way or another. He sucessfully devided by zero. He’s seriously not serious.

mradamdavies and Mr Adam Davies are seperate entities. Or, at least, that’s what he wanted me to say.

That being said, mradamdavies usually posts stuff after a long night coding with a bottle of Whisky. Expect mistakes. He’s not infallible when it comes to spelling or grammar, just with code.

I’m not this much of a dick IRL. It’s a persona.

My tech tantrums are also available on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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