Game Cheating

There are many ways to cheat PC games while playing. If you’re looking to increase your health to beat a boss or get infinite cash to build an empire, there will usually be many ways to make your game time easier! This article will cover the easiest method and how to implement it on many games...

Why Cheat?

I have always been an RPG fan, which can be time consuming. I have played most RPGs worth noting and usually decide to replay at a later date. I always try to complete a game before I try cheating but... When I restart a game, I don’t need to do every little quest or pickup every item needed to know where to go next.

On the other hand, if I ever get really stuck on (or bored with) a game - I tend to skip ahead to save time and hassle. I don’t agree on cheating without being stuck or used as a time saving device. So, let’s continue…

Game Cheat Tools

As with most niche software groups, game cheating (commonly referred to as “Trainer Making”) has several tools which can make the process easier.

A huge amount of skill isn't required to start cheating your own games. But if you want to make a game loader or trainer, you will need to learn at least the basics of programming.

The tools below are some of my favourite for the task at hand:

  • TSearch - Find and alter information stored in memory.
  • Universal Save Game Editor - Modify saved games, surprisingly enough!
  • Hex Editor Neo - Simple file editing
  • Game Trainer Studio - Make "Game Trainers". Spread your awesome hacks
  • OllyDbg - 32 Bit disassembler used for many purposes. Not for beginners!

Cheat the easy way

I recently started playing Fallout Tactics, eagerly awaiting Fallout 3’s release (which I now have, but doesn't work... Anyway, this seems like a good example to start with. I knew from the reviews that I wouldn't play Fallout Tactics all the way through. I had about 5 days to complete it before Fallout 3 was released, so I need a way to get more ammo, health and experience.

Run Fallout: Tactics and start a new game. Create a new character or pick a pre-made one. Make a note of some info you want to change. Let’s take the ammo counter as an example.

Open the inventory and note the number of bullets available, as shown below:

Run TSearch then open the process you want to modify (BOS.exe for Fallout: Tactics):

Click Init New Search then Search using the settings below:

The first search will produce a huge amount of unwanted results. So go back to the game and change the number by shooting a few rounds into the ground. Switch back to TSearch and continue the search by subtracting the amount of bullets you shot:

This time, only one result is shown. So add it to the right hand side.

Edit the number and switch back to the game to see if it has any effect.

It worked! So we know simple using TSearch will work on this game. We could, in theory, edit most other items in the game using the same process.

The change will not always be instant. Sometimes you will need to force a change from within the game before it will register the changes made outside. The character generation process of the Fallout games doesn't show the edited numbers until you add or take a point to each attribute.

This method can be used on many, many games because of the way they utilize windows memory. There is one obvious drawback; Don’t expect to power level your WoW character. I can imagine they have a system in place to ban you as fast as you can say Memory Debug!

Update - 29-04-2015
404 links to software removed. The apps are outdated and probably don't work.

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