RocketMill is one of the UK's leading web design and digital marketing agencies with which I was employed for a little more than 2 years. As an all-round website development agency, the client list and work day varied a great deal with projects from small onsite developmental issues to full-scale marketing campaigns for well-known national franchises.

My work for the company included:

  • In-house SEO campaign
  • Content creation including monthly blog posts
  • Technical onsite design and development

RocketMill In-house Marketing

RocketMill are good at design but great at SEO. This is mostly down to part director, part head of SEO, @ysekand. The natural search campaign was laser focused and provided results.

My part in the company marketing campaign was focused around the technical aspects of natural search marketing and damage mitigation. Targeted keywords included some very competitive industries such as marketing, design and the newley emerging social media verticals.

Notable tasks included content outreach, citation and link acquisition, competition and link profile analysis, and onsite optimisation.




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