I have always been interested in programming and my passion became more than a hobby with the explosion of the internet. I started a small website hosting business - abeon-hosting.com - to act as a front for freelance programming work and make enough money to cover a mostly private server. Services provided include website design, development and marketing.

I have learned a lot from my time as a freelance developer and website host administrator including server configuration, back-end and front-end security, DNS, SSL/TLS and email configuration. Providing support for customers was a great opportunity to network and prospect for further business.

My Hobby

Web based programming languages have grown and developed way beyond their original intent and, as a result, become far more complex than the yellow text on a red background with which McDonald's first website was originally created. I had been fascinated with software development and the flashy new web based languages were even more tempting as it offered instant exposure — My first forum was terrible but worked well without any advertising (2006, 8 years ago!). My first arcade website was hacked which lead me to learning website security techniques to help prevent a similar breach. I was forced to learn some of the more esoteric technological aspects of website development as hackers tend to use fairly discreet glitches as attack vectors.

Freelance Programmer

I have always veered towards code alteration in one form or another but have designed and coded dozens of websites over the years. I have also created plugins for popular websites such as the AV Arcade Instant FaceBook App. The vast majority of my freelance work has been modifications, templates and plugins for small arcade websites. I have also taken on several SEO and marketing campaigns for small to medium sized businesses and security work (penetration testing and code analysis) for developmental projects, pre-launch.

So if you're after a coder, get in touch! I can...

  • Code most popular languages - HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, etc
  • Use modern techniques such as responsive design and graceful degredation
  • Understand marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Some of my previous work can be found on my blog and I intend to add to it as I dig out more of my portfolio.


I am currently working as an SEO consultant for Judd Associates. Judd are an internet design and marketing agency based in Crowborough, near Kent. They have a small but dedicated team of professional nerds. The creative and design talent at the company are great and they have an excellent client base on which to build an SEO team.

If you are interested in a custom website design, want a modification or support to your current website, please use the contact page to get in touch!