I was employed by Heath & Wiltshire as an area manager with around 65 branches and 45 staff members. Clients ranged from national builders merchants, such as Travis Perkins, to the private residence of the David Zwirner art gallery in Mayfair.

Heath & Wiltshire are a well established company with a small but well formed client base and provide cleaning services to the public sector as well as private companies. Services provided include:
  • Support services
  • Office cleaning
  • Waste disposal
  • End-of-tenancy cleans
  • Floor maintenance

Area Manager

My job as the area manager focused around managing the staff and liaising with clients at the branches dotted across London the south-east. The average week entailed driving several hundred miles to deliver supplies, cover annual leave, provide training and arrange employment of new staff.

I worked with Tom Marriott, the director, and two other area managers to keep the cogs spinning. The area covered was extensive ranging from St. Albans, Margate, Worthing and anything in between; day to day travel was a large part of the job. As British roads are less than reliable, time management along with client and employee communication were essential skills.

The area manager position required a variety of skills to be used on a daily basis but was thoroughly enjoyable. Working with people from all walks of life was a challenge but rewarding and made the days fly past!

Tech Support

As with many of my recent jobs, I was often called upon to provide technical support for the company email, website backups, security and suchlike. I developed a small program called BETSY (Back End Tracking SYstem) for the managers to use but never implemented is as I left the company shortly before it was completed. The script still sits on my hard drive waiting for a use!

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