I worked on a part-time bases for Judd Associates. The company has over 20 years experience in website marketing, design, development, and bradn identity. My current position is a combination of ethical SEO and PHP development.

I worked on a number of SEO campaigns, from independent electricians to national furniture retailers. A heavy focus on creating fresh content for client websites has lead to steady search visibility gains while avoiding nasty Panda penalties.

My job also involved a fair amount of LAMP stack development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). I regularly removed malware, added functionality, fixed problems plaus provided technical support. I can often be found ranting about other people's code on Twitter, because mine is perfect /sarcasm.

Below is an obligatory list of stuff we're awesome at:

  • Web design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Brand identity

Visit Judd Associates, now known as Michael Bell One ยป East Sussex, Design Agency