I was originally employed by RocketMill as a website designer but was quickly poached to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) department as the sales team won more contracts. The job involved a variety of website design and development techniques and I was lucky to work with a very talented team.

RocketMill (formally ElevateLocal) is a website development agency with clients including well known nationwide businesses as well as smaller independent companies. The company was started by brothers Sam and Ben Garrity, who quickly hired the very talented Yousaf Sekander to head the SEO team. Adam Craddock is the web design team leader. The company has recently won the Gatwick Business Awards.

SEO Engineer

My job as an internet marketer focused around improving website exposure and ROI of our clients. The position was client orientated as monthly reports were sent out and a constant line of communication was maintained. The SEO team had a great atmosphere and wide range of skills due to the varied backgrounds of it's members. Different tactics used when an old campaign was flagging often gave it new life. We were tasked with creating at least one blog post per month, which I have listed here for posterity.

My passions for web development has always veered towards the technical, so small developmental projects have always helped to increase traffic and rankings of clients. The staff at RocketMill were given the freedom to explore alternative routes to success which often lead to very good results. Both Yousaf and Adam Craddock are technically competent team leaders and open to suggestions.

Content marketing was a regular day to day activity as the Google algorithm changed. Networking, outreach and social media quickly became important too as soon as Google started to include social signals as a ranking metric.

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