My employment at Stocksigns passed quickly as I thoroughly enjoyed my position on their Graphics Design team. We were tasked with creating signage, displays and artwork to a large part of the UK but mostly the south-east. The typical office-geeks and proud of it!

Stocksigns are the UK's largest providers of safety signs — mainly health & safety signage. My job as a graphic designer was focused around vinyl design and application alongside banner making but also included several other aspects of the graphic design process.

The manager of the graphics department, Adrian, was passionate about all things design which rubbed off on his team. I also learned a lot from David Trotter who is a very intelligent and talented designer with a lot of experience. The time I spent with the Stocksigns staff helped to shape my design habits and teach me fundamentals of the design process.

Graphic Designer

A large part of the day-to-day work revolved around creating signage for train stations, restaurants, and marketing material for businesses of all sizes. The majority of the signs created were informational. The signage creation process was split into design and production; the designer and sign creator would change often as the skills required can be different. Creating and printing simple "no smoking" signs is far easier than creating a range of branded marketing material, for example.

For the most part tools used were basic; including Adobe Freehand, Adobe PhotoShop, and Adobe Illustrator. Some basic file versioning was maintained as edits to the original design files were saved separately. We received files from clients in multiple formats, often having to convert them to usable formats or find suitable fonts before starting the project. We also dabbled in customer support requests from time to time.

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