Hubsquat – Round 2

The more technical aspects of SEO are often overlooked. The website can look great on any device, but may fail to perform. There are many common mistakes that must be avoided for a natural search marketing campaign to be successful. Missing a closing tag, or an extra comma can really make the difference. Everyone makes mistakes. Including Hubspot.


AV Arcade v402 (Clean)

I have been using AV Arcade for a while now and think it’s a great script. I have spent a lot of time looking through the source code and have have some success with my arcade site. There are a few small issues with the script which don’t detract from the usability, but could reduce crawlability, SERPs and so on.


WebWoW In-game mail hack

This little modification will replace WebWoW's RA mail system (Remote Access which uses telnet) with a fully SOAP compatible version. This will replace both the admins "send mail" and users "vote shop" features. I created this little hack so the WebWoW In-game mail would use SOAP as it just seems more logical (and more easily secured!) in this instance.


WebWoW Captcha

WebWoW CMS has just released a v2 beta which seems great so far. Of course there are a few small bugs, but nothing that breaks functionality… Mostly undefined indexes and the like. I will probably make a few mods and hacks for the CMS as it’s a great project with a nice style and ethos. This simple modification will place a captcha on the registration page to help prevent spam, bots, and fake registrations.


Blocking proxies tutorial

Since a lot of people proxy Ddos, it’s useful to protect your site against it. You have three options if you have total control over the server...

  • Detect proxies and block them on firewall/mod_security level
  • Detect them via PHP and block them via .htaccess
  • Detect and block them via .htaccess


A serious TCP/IP Vulnerability known as “SockStress” has been found, exploited, and information released by a Security group called Outpost24. The SockStress TCP/IP Vulnerability has had wide implications for server and website owners.

This latest vulnerability not only has severe implications for many web masters, designers and programmers, but also affects routing servers and any system with TCP stack processes exposed to the outside world.