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nSkid Scambait Tool

nSkid is a python SERP scraper for scammer phone numbers. I made it for productivity.

AV Arcade FaceBook app

AV Arcade FaceBook app is a plugin to instantly turn your website into an arcade on Facebook.

AV Arcade v402 (Clean)

I have been using AV Arcade for a while now and think it’s a great script. I have spent a lot of time looking through the source code and have have some success with my…

WebWoW In-game mail hack

This little mod will replace WebWoW's in built RA mail system (Remote Access, which uses telnet). It will change it to a fully SOAP compatible version. This will replace both the admins "send mail" and…

WebWoW Captcha Mod

WebWoW CMS has just released a v2 beta which seems great so far. Of course there are a few small bugs, but nothing that breaks functionality… Mostly undefined indexes and the like. I will probably…

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