AV Arcade Facebook App
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A plugin created by Abeon Tech for AV Arcade which allows easy creation of an arcade on FaceBook. Version 2.0 has just been updated to fix a few bugs and several new features have been added.

Take advantage of the 500 million members using facebook! Turn your arcade into a FaceBook application in minutes. Your FaceBook application will update it’s self as you add games to your arcade. Easy to setup and admin panel for options.


  • Instant and automated FaceBook application with admin panel
  • Compatible with AVArcade Pro (v5) and AV Arcade Free (v4)
  • Autopost when playing a game (customizable)
  • Fullscreen button if game is too wide
  • Pagination and sorting
  • Track game plays on facebook
  • Comments on game page
  • Intergrated forum
  • Like button on every page
  • Tag Cloud
  • Search feature
  • FaceBook Adverts
  • Updated to be <= v5.3.x compatible… The way it was meant to be.



This mod is no longer available. Sorry. I am available for custom code projects.

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