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nSkid is a simple Pthon script to generate phone numbers for tech support scammers.

What does nSkid do?

This python scam baiting tool checks several Google search results pages for phone numbers reported to scam identification databases. It is a work in progress, but I plan to expand it at some point. nSkid currently only shows results for Amazon tech support scams and Microsoft tech-support scams.

You can choose to crawl numbers from the past day, past hour, or past week. Numbers from the past day is the suggested starting option. You can then narrow it to last hour if you get a lot of dead results.

nSkid Scambait Tool
The script in action

It will currently only return a maximum of 40 results. There is a bug with detecting no results, which I will fix in the next update.

I plan to add some extra functionality, such as better selection of, or input for scam types. I could do with finding extra databases to check SERPs for (thanks Nomorobo & RoboKiller). Could be an idea to integrate this with a few other tools to make an all-in-one style tool. It uses Python3 and pretty basic code.

Please always double check the numbers are actual scammers, and be nice to them. They’re still just people too. Also, please remember that the scammer’s change numbers often. So don’t assume they’re scammers, or complain if they’re all dead. They number hop a lot.

Any suggestions or ideas are very much welcome! I would love to hear feedback on additional tools for scambaiting, both to improve productivity, and just to have fun. So, feel free to submit code suggestions on GitHub, reply below or use the forum to let me know 🙂

nSkid is now avaible as a Discord bot, so you can scam bait without having to leave your favourite servers. It’s currently limited to the Abeon Tech Discord server, bit I will roll it out after I’ve made it more stable and reliable. I also plan to add extra functionality, but this will always be one step behind our official version.


Download from the GitHub link, below.

Then run with this command…


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