WebWoW In-game mail hack

This little modification will replace WebWoW's RA mail system (Remote Access which uses telnet) with a fully SOAP compatible version. This will replace both the admins "send mail" and users "vote shop" features. I created this little hack so the WebWoW In-game mail would use SOAP as it just seems more logical (and more easily secured!) in this instance.

I have recently switched back to version 3.6.3 of the WebWoW CMS (using the web creator v1) as the latest version just doesn't seem ready yet. I had problems sending in-game mail with the older version of WebWoW as I had disabled Remote Access in Mangos as the port being opened didn't seem necessary.

I didn't like the way telnet was forced instead of a web interface, so I replaced the telnet mail system.

The only error I noticed was "Remote Login Problem:", apparently caused by incorrect settings. I knew the problem was remote access so I patched the system to use SOAP.

I have edited the mail system in WebWoW so it can be used to send anything including money, items, support tickets, postcards, and more. So getting it working was top of my list of things to do!

Below explains how to get it working:

  1. Enable SOAP in your mangosd.conf file
  2. Open: includes/core/mangos_sendmail.php
  3. Replace the sendmail function, below:
  4. With the following function:
  5. Change the username, password, host, and port (in the code above)...

... To a relevant account with admin access and you're all set. This modification will allow you to use SOAP instead of the default RA (Remote Access) and should work exactly the same. But it's just more secure. WoW hackers like abusing remote access vulnerbilities.

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