This page contains reviews for, and links to gear I currently use. I built my PC mid-scalpocolypse, so it’s not the best technology money can buy, but it’s cost effective and efficient. The end result was a great all-round PC which handles everything I do without overheating or causing issues.

My graphics card is still a shitty 1030 becuase current pricing is insane. I’m not really a gamer, so a 1030 is good enough for what I do. I plan to update it when I get enough money, but the card I had my eyes on was the 1660 super. It’s jumped up from £180 to almost £700 at the peak of the current pricing shit-show.

By no means am I suggesting this is the best equipment available. I simply don’t have the budget for top-tier gear. I’m a staunch opponent of of monotisation techniques such as Adsense, and similar models. This helps me cover costs, such as server maintenance, and related charges.

If you have any questions about the products, want an up-to-date perspective on how I’ve got on with them, just let me know!

Gear  I Bought, USE & RECOMMEND

Review Notes

The reviews on this page are honest, and I spent several hours researching each product I use. They contain Amazon affiliate links, so I’ll get a small percentage of any sales from these links.

I have never and will never recommend products simply to make money. I have personally paid for everything I use.