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I have written several articles for random websites over the years. This page lists a few of them I’ve done. There are a few I must be forgetting.


Below is a list of blog posts I authored during my time working at RocketMill. They tend to rename the author when som eone leaves. As a result, I have noted them here for posterity. I have only listed the ones that are worth reading. The company had some great content writers at the time. My contributions were not that big.

So, your WordPress site was hacked?

Bilderberg 2013: Secret/Private Technophiles

Ratings in Google listings

Getting better listings in Google

Time saving SEO bookmarklets

PPC and Google Penalties

Checking keyword position with PHP

Google vs non-semantic code

Confessions of a spammer

HubSquat – Duplicate content

Fixing SEOQuake PageRank check

PHP Twitter Feed Importer

Secure PHP form

Creating a captcha

Dave’s Computer Tips

Here are also a few articles I wrote for Dave’s Computer Tips. I had some spare time and was asked out of the blue, so I did a few articles before getting bored. This website has great articles to pretty much everything computer related.

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