AV Arcade FaceBook app

A plugin created by Abeon Tech for AV Arcade which allows easy creation of an arcade on FaceBook. Version 2.0 has just been updated to fix a few bugs and several new features have been added.

Take advantage of the 500 million members using facebook! Turn your arcade into a FaceBook application in minutes. Your FaceBook application will update it’s self as you add games to your arcade. Easy to setup and admin panel for options.


WebWoW Captcha

WebWoW CMS has just released a v2 beta which seems great so far. Of course there are a few small bugs, but nothing that breaks functionality… Mostly undefined indexes and the like. I will probably make a few mods and hacks for the CMS as it’s a great project with a nice style and ethos. This simple modification will place a captcha on the registration page to help prevent spam, bots, and fake registrations.


Game Cheating

There are many ways to cheat PC games while playing. If you’re looking to increase your health to beat a boss or get infinite cash to build an empire, there will usually be many ways to make your game time easier! This article will cover the easiest method and how to implement it on many games...