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    Stargrove   scramble

    Your son has been taken! Sling your eggs at foes and platform through three unique worlds in search of his captor. Though tread lightly, his henchmen will try to stop you at every turn.


    • 12 painstakingly designed levels
    • 3 handcrafted bosses
    • A large variety of mechanics
    • An original soundtrack
    • Controller Support
    • High quality pixel art graphics


    • WASD/Arrow keys – Move / Aim
    • Z/Space – Jump
    • X/Shift – Lay/Throw egg
    • C/Ctrl – Swap held egg
    • Esc – Pause
    • Whilst holding an egg, jump and throw the egg downwards to gain an aerial boost.

    Stargrove Scramble is a platform game made in 9 days for Newgrounds July Jam 2021 with the theme “Egg”.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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