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AV Arcade FaceBook app

AV Arcade FaceBook app is a plugin to instantly turn your website into an arcade on Facebook.

AV Arcade v402 (Clean)

I have been using AV Arcade for a while now and think it’s a great script. I have spent a lot of time looking through the source code and have have some success with my…

WebWoW In-game mail hack

This little mod will replace WebWoW's in built RA mail system (Remote Access, which uses telnet). It will change it to a fully SOAP compatible version. This will replace both the admins "send mail" and…

WebWoW Captcha Mod

WebWoW CMS has just released a v2 beta which seems great so far. Of course there are a few small bugs, but nothing that breaks functionality… Mostly undefined indexes and the like. I will probably…

AV Arcade XSS Exploit

During registration, the user name field of the AV Arcade script is open to a stored XSS attack. Code will be processed on the members page. The malicious code can be overflown to the homepage…

Password Security Tips

A simple list of Dos and Donts to consider when creating new accounts or updating passwords for current accounts you have. It may sound simple, but mistakes can often be made when in a rush…

Recent Posts

  • Abeon Podcast #01
    I’m an ex-criminal, ex-blackhat but reformed for over 11 years. Abeon Cast #01 covers the basics of my background. This is a weekly podcast, starting now.
  • nSkid Scambait Tool
    nSkid is a python SERP scraper for scammer phone numbers. I made it for productivity.
  • An XSS attack in action
    Teh Cookie Monster. A full example of how XSS can lead to full account takeover.
  • Hacking My Bank. For teh lulz.
    I lost count how many exploits I found in my bank. They have a huge attack surface.
  • Mocking the Military; Hacking Hackers
    I found a way to add pages to the U.S. Department of Defence. Of course I took the piss. Also, hacking hackers bonus content.