WebWoW Captcha

WebWoW CMS has just released a v2 beta which seems great so far. Of course there are a few small bugs, but nothing that breaks functionality… Mostly undefined indexes and the like. I will probably make a few mods and hacks for the CMS as it’s a great project with a nice style and ethos. This simple modification will place a captcha on the registration page to help prevent spam, bots, and fake registrations.


Blocking proxies tutorial

Since a lot of people proxy Ddos, it’s useful to protect your site against it. You have three options if you have total control over the server...

  • Detect proxies and block them on firewall/mod_security level
  • Detect them via PHP and block them via .htaccess
  • Detect and block them via .htaccess

AV Arcade XSS Exploit

During registration, the user name field of the AV Arcade script is open to possible XSS attack. Code will be processed on the members page. The code can be overflown to the homepage fairly easily. XSS can be used.


Game Cheating

There are many ways to cheat PC games while playing. If you’re looking to increase your health to beat a boss or get infinite cash to build an empire, there will usually be many ways to make your game time easier! This article will cover the easiest method and how to implement it on many games...



A serious TCP/IP Vulnerability known as “SockStress” has been found, exploited, and information released by a Security group called Outpost24. The SockStress TCP/IP Vulnerability has had wide implications for server and website owners.

This latest vulnerability not only has severe implications for many web masters, designers and programmers, but also affects routing servers and any system with TCP stack processes exposed to the outside world.


Javascript Security

JavaScript is designed as an open scripting language. It is not intended to replace proper security measures, and should never be used in place of proper encryption.

JavaScript has its own security model, but this is not designed to protect the Web site owner or the data passed between the browser and the server. The security model is designed to protect the user from malicious Web sites, and as a result, it enforces strict limits on what the page author is allowed to do. They may have control over their own page inside the browser, but that is where their abilities end.